The Front Office

IMG_0473Rusia – Front Desk Manager

Our Expanded Functions Dental Assistant / Front Desk Manager, Rusia,  is knowledgeable in all areas of the dental office. She can answer many of your dental questions. Rusia has four amazing kids and a dog named Homer. She has always found teeth fascinating so she decided to help educate others on how to take care of them. Rusia has been a dental assistant for many years and moved up to the front office a few years ago. Her bilingual skills are impeccable and we are very lucky to have her in this office.


IMG_0534Kristy – Accounts Manager

Kristy knows a lot about this office. She has been a part of this team for the past many years. If you have questions regarding payment plans, treatment needs or scheduling she is the girl to go to. Kristy has the cutest little boy with the roundest cheeks, the most beautiful little girl that you’ve ever seen. Kristy usually has at her house pigs, cows, barn cats, and two HUGE German Shepard dogs (Molly and Wreckin’ Ralph). Her smiling, friendly face is usually the first thing you will see when you walk into our inviting office.