Dental Assistants

IMG_0514Debbie M – Dental Assistant

Debbie is an Expanded Functions Dental Assistant with a very green thumb. She is one of the most amazing gardeners you will ever meet. She has been an assistant for 35+ years. Debbie has two of the most adorable miniature schnauzers (Gretchen and her little sister Trudy). She was inspired to join the dental family when she was a child and had an amazing family dentist. Debbie loves to travel, do volunteer church work, volunteer dentistry, and work in her fantastic garden. Family is very important to her and she treats every one of her patients as if they were one of her own.

IMG_0493Sue – Dental Assistant

Our Expanded Functions Dental Assistant, Sue has been an assistant for the past 30+ years. She was inspired to become an assistant because she was never afraid to attend any appointment and thought that it was very interesting. Sue is an assistant that can be asked any question and if she is unsure of the answer she will do her research for any patient to find it out and get back to you. Sue loves photography, she is very kind hearted and patient. Sue is an amazing asset to our team.


IMG_0490Diane – Dental Assistant

Our Expanded Functions Dental Assistant, Diane, is knowledgeable in all areas of the dental office. She helps in reception when needed and assists the doctors during a variety of dental procedures. Diane has her restorative license, and is here to make sure you, the patient, are as relaxed as possible. Diane has been a dental assistant since 1990 when she began working in this office for Dr. Bell. Her cheerful voice can be heard throughout the office, she is always available to answer any dental questions. If you are ever scared Diane will offer to hold your hand, give you a comfy blanket, or neck pillow to make your experience is most enjoyable. She is a proud mother to two wonderful children, three beautiful dogs (Beretta, Jack and Daisy) and has always wanted to help others. That is what she does here, she helps make many people smile. Diane truly cares about our patient’s needs while in and out of the dental chair.

IMG_0503Veronica – Dental Assistant

Veronica is cross trained between Reception and Dental Assistant, she is a mother to a vivacious little boy. She hopes to one day be a proud owner to a St. Bernard. She was inspired to become a dental assistant in her teen years when she visited a dental office and realized it was like a day at the spa. Veronica loves to run and participate in local charity events. She was part of “Team in Training for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Cancer Society” and was intrigued by the amount of people in need in the health field. Her kind caring personality is very soothing while in the dental chair.